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September 8, 2020

SIDO 2020

BearingPoint was at SIDO on 03/09 to present its IoT maturity study

Ouassim Driouchi and Adrien Durand, Senior Managers of the IoT team at BearingPoint, participated in the SIDO, IoT showroom in Lyon, and presented a study on IoT maturity in 4 parts: the positioning of French players on the market; an analysis of more than 100 projects conducted in France; the adaptation of organizations to the acceleration of IoT projects; post-Coronavirus evolutions

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Ouassim Driouchi


Adrien Durand



Wisekey provides IoT birth certificates. United States – 28.07

Wisekey, the global leader in IoT, provides an IoT birth certificate for IoT devices. The certificate works on the same principle as a digital identity card and is issued by a certified control body. The private key of each device is also protected from usurpation thanks to Wisekey’s VaultIC solution.

Smart Health

Livestep, Telegrapfik and Senioradom: fight against falls of the elderly. France – 27.08

French start-up Livestep is developing a connected insole that will detect loss of verticality. Marketed at the end of 2021, the connected insole will be intended mainly for EHPADs to improve patient care. Other solutions exist, Telegrafik and Senioradom bet on a set of connected bracelets (alert bracelet, bed sensor).

Withings raises 53 million euros for its new generation of products. France – 27.08

Withings, the specialist in connected objects in the health sector, has just announced its largest ever fundraising round of €53 million. The use of these funds will be concentrated on improving the customer experience, notably through the development of more advanced algorithms, but also in expanding the functionalities of its products (with the objective of developing a hundred or so functionalities, compared to twenty or so today).

Smart Home

Google invests $450 million in a building security specialist. United States – 03/08

Google is making official its $450 million investment for a 6.6 percent stake in ADT, a U.S. home security company. Google’s goal here is to expand its market share in the smart home space, placing its Nest products at the heart of ADT’s offering.


Verizon Business launches ThingSpace IoT Marketplace to manage the IoT journey. United States – 21/08

ThingSpace, Verizon’s new IoT marketplace, aims to be quick and easy to use to help B2B customers purchase, activate and manage customized IoT solutions. The solution aims to be a catalyst for creativity and innovation in the development of IoT products and solutions by integrating Verizon networks, including NB-IoT, LTE-M and 5G.


Icade joins forces with Toulouse-based start-up Boks to equip its residences with connected lockers – 26/08

With the help of the start-up company Boks, the real estate group Icade has decided to equip its new residences with an innovative parcel delivery service, via connected and secure lockers. The objective is to equip between 200 and 300 building lobbies within the next 3 years. Boks was selected by proposing a new global concept of connected and secure collective lockers with single-use codes. Other real estate players such as Vinci and Eiffage had already been seduced.


MediaTek realizes for the first time a satellite connection of an NB-IoT device. Taiwan – 21/08

Taiwanese semiconductor company MediaTek conducted a public test by connecting an NB-IoT device via a satellite 35 km above the equator. This success could be the beginning of new standards and open new markets by using a single device to connect to a satellite and cellular network.