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May 6, 2021


UK plans laws to protect IoT devices – 21.04

There is a wide range of connected devices with security flaws, many of which are currently on the market and putting consumers at risk from cybercriminals. To counter this risk, the UK government is considering introducing laws to protect IoT devices following a spike in sales since the pandemic. However, the main challenge of the legislation is to enforce the law in practice on devices manufactured in third countries. The IoT security law is currently being submitted to parliament for approval.

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Window Snyder, former security expert at Apple, Intel and Square, raises $2.5 million to launch her IoT security company Thistle Technologies – 22.04

Window Snyder, a cybersecurity specialist, is embarking on a new venture with Thistle Technologies. With the increase in the number of connected devices, accelerated with the arrival of 5G, Thistle Technologies wants to offer a solution that ensures security between devices. The startup has already raised $2.5 million from the True Ventures fund.

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Smart Health

Captiv wants its connected wheelchair mat to be reimbursed by the French Social Security Social Security – 21.04

The Nantes-based start-up Captiv has developed an e-health device called “Gaspard” dedicated to the prevention of bedsores for people in wheelchairs. The device comes in the form of a mat to be placed under the cushion of the chair and allows to analyze the pressure of the supports and to trigger alerts to anticipate possible complications related to bedsores. Gaspard has just obtained the “Medical Device” certification, an essential step to start clinical studies that will provide scientific data on the impact of the use of the mat in a preventive logic. Then, Captiv will have all the elements to register Gaspard in the list of products reimbursed by the Social Security.

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The Giphar pharmacy group acquires Medadom teleconsultation terminals – 23.04

Medadom will now equip 1,350 pharmacies of the Giphar group with connected terminals dedicated to teleconsultation. This device, thanks to 6 connected equipments, is able to take care of a patient in less than 10 minutes, every day from 9 am to 11 pm. The objective of these terminals is mainly to fight against the medical deserts which would concern more than 7 million French people.

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Chronolife and TMM Software offer remote medical monitoring through a connected T-shirt – 20.04

The Paris-based start-up Chronolife and TMM Software, a company based in the Ardèche region of France, have joined forces to set up a remote medical monitoring service for patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as respiratory pathologies. The device includes a connected T-shirt and the Telecare app. Using sensors on the T-shirt, six physiological parameters are calculated and sent to health professionals to monitor the condition of their patients in real time.

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Smart car

Autonomous cars become legal in the UK – 28.04

Autonomous cars should start to circulate soon in Europe with the authorization since January 1 of the marketing of certain functionalities of level 3 autonomous vehicles. The United Kingdom could be the first country to welcome them on its road network. After much discussion with manufacturers and insurers, the UK Department for Transport is finalizing a plan to allow cars equipped with an “automated lane keeping system” to drive autonomously by the end of the year.

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Smart Home

The start-up Fenotek and the SME Noralsy connect their complementarities in intercom – 29.04

The Marseille-based start-up Fenotek has designed a 4G intercom for individual houses: equipped with a high-definition camera and an integrated alarm, it informs of an expected (friends, deliveryman, letter carrier…) or feared (burglar) visit by connecting directly to the owner’s smartphone. The SME Noralsy, specialized in intercoms for collective buildings, acquired 80% of its shares to accelerate its expansion on this market and to support the start-up financially and commercially.

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