IoT Business Hub 2019 White Paper

IoT France 2019: deciphering a revolution

IoT enables the design of many innovative services, enriching the user experience, and improving the internal operational efficiency of private and public organizations. And it is clear, as the many examples presented in this publication illustrate, that organizations are not mistaken. All sectors are concerned by the IoT revolution: Energy, Industry, Real Estate, Health, Transport, Public Sector, Retail, Insurance…

In order to help you meet your challenges, and enable you to benefit from the opportunities offered by IoT to accelerate your digital transformation, this white paper provides several keys to reading:

  • a 360° view of the IoT market in France, with value elements and a mapping of its players (large groups and startups) by technological bricks and by sectors of specialization;
  • a presentation of the technologies used throughout the value chain;
  • Selection and analysis of multi-sector use cases on each of the benefits brought by IoT;
  • A focus on the 16 projects nominated for the 2019 edition of the IoT Business Hub, which have distinguished themselves by the quality of the results obtained;
  • Summary sheets by sector to help you focus on the challenges and impact of IoT in your industry.

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