Citelum is the intelligent lighting and connected services subsidiary of the EDF Group. It meets the energy efficiency, safety, mobility and attractiveness needs of its customers, industries and local authorities, and supports them in their sustainable, low-carbon and connected projects.

Citelum is developing its expertise in intelligent lighting in the fields of road signage, lighting and connected urban services: video protection, traffic management, intelligent parking, electric vehicle charging, Li-Fi, air quality sensors and the MUSE® digital service management platform developed by its subsidiary Citégestion.

Safety of roads thanks to a hierarchy of lighting levels

IoT project

As an expert in lighting, Citelum offers solutions that go far beyond that and are positioned to serve the safety of users, their mobility and the attractiveness of the region in a broader sense.

In Wallonia (Belgium), the LED modernization of the lighting of the Walloon (auto)road network also involves the installation of various flow and detection sensors and their interfacing with the centralized remote management system based on MUSE®. These systems will make the region even safer, with lighting levels prioritized according to the different types of roads and modulated in real time according to the situation.

Why did you join the IoT Business Hub?

“The IoT Business Hub takes an innovative and technical look at the smart city. This vision is supported by a good knowledge of the market players and the ecosystem of start-ups in the field.

The IoT Business Hub also has recognized expertise in these ever-changing technologies. Its sharp monitoring and fine identification of the latest innovations in the IoT field, make it a reference point in the field.”

What Citelum brings to the IoT Business Hub

“Citelum proposed and deployed innovative systems very early on to meet its customers’ needs.

Within the IoT Business Hub, Citelum offers a panorama of concrete applications for the IoT products and systems it has selected to serve the markets it has been entrusted with.

Citelum then demonstrates what added value these systems can bring to communities and end users. Subsequently, based on identified use cases and collected data, Citelum is also able to propose new enriched features and more complex devices.”