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October 6, 2020


Objenious launches IoT Challenge, an IoT competition

Objenious, Bouygues Telecom’s brand dedicated to the Internet of Things, announces the opening of applications for the IoT Challenge. Sponsored by BearingPoint and the Bouygues Group’s Innovation Department, this competition is open to start-ups as well as to companies already developing or marketing their connected solution or product. Applicants have until October 31 to present a solution that facilitates business recovery or reinvents the way we operate in response to current challenges.
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Smart Home

Ring Amazon announced the release of an indoor camera coupled with a drone – 28/09

Called Always Home Cam and equipped with a mini-drone, the camera can move so as to make a round of all the openings following a predefined course. An artificial intelligence allows it to avoid obstacles on its usual route. If it detects an object that should not be in its path, the camera returns to its base and sends an alert to its owner. The filmed videos can then be viewed live via the Ring application.

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IoT : Atos and IoTerop promote encryption key management – 23/09

Atos, an international leader in digital transformation, and IoTerop, the French leader in remote management solutions for connected objects, have joined forces to offer an IoT security solution that addresses the challenges of constrained environments with a controlled environmental footprint. This solution enables Atos and IoTerop to support their customers in demanding sectors such as energy, industry or smart cities to secure their factories, machines, buildings or smart transportation.

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Amazon launches Sidewalk this year – 9/24

The Sidewalk protocol, which was introduced by Amazon last year, will be launched within the year. This protocol was established to encourage and foster the development of low-cost IoT devices based on low-bandwidth Bluetooth technology. The goal? Be able to control connected devices outside the home.

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Murata partners with Wirepas for large-scale, industrial-grade IoT connectivity – 09/30

Murata, a Japanese industrial company, has partnered with Wirepas by integrating Murata’s Bluetooth module and Wirepas Mesh’s IoT application-oriented wireless connectivity solution on one side. This combination provides application developers with a connectivity layer that enables data collection, device management and location tracking across multiple applications, such as asset management, smart lighting and industrial IoT.

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AT&T Provides Global Connectivity for Howden IIoT Solution – 9/28

U.S. telecommunications giant AT&T will provide global connectivity for Howden Uptime, an IIoT solution that remotely monitors heavy machinery. The objective for Howden is to transmit data from its customers’ equipment and optimize performance. The company claims that using AT&T’s satellite services virtually eliminates any coverage gaps.

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Orange turns smartphones into IoT relays thanks to D2D – 30/09

Orange is currently working on D2D technology, which saves the battery of connected objects by establishing a connection with a smartphone that serves as a relay for sending messages over the network.

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Connected car

Arm unveils new solutions for IoT and automotive applications – 29/09

The Arm partnership brings together leading cloud companies, component manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs. Arm has developed an IoT solution to connect a vehicle with a combined information and entertainment device, a secure dashboard and a driver monitoring system. These systems can all operate simultaneously, with hardware separation for added security.

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Big data

AWS releases Amazon Timestream IoT solution – 01/10

Amazon has announced the launch of Amazon Timestream. This database solution for IoT and applications will manage several billion time series per day a thousand times faster than relational databases for 10% of the price. In particular, it will help customers identify key trends with near real-time data.

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