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March 25, 2021


Verizon and Eseye partner to succeed in global IoT deployments – 15.03

Global IoT connectivity specialist Eseye announces its partnership with telecom operator Verizon. This collaboration provides IoT users around the world with the ability to locate their device over the air. This innovation significantly simplifies the challenges of deploying IoT on a global scale by accelerating the time to value for the business.

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Smart Mobility

Smart Station: from data centralization to station equipment management – 03.03

To modernize stations and equipment, SNCF Gares & Connexions has been conducting a project to modernize station displays for over two years. The Smart Station project will be gradually deployed in 579 stations in France until 2023. Various equipment, such as elevators, automatic doors, escalators or electric meters, will be controlled, and sensors will provide data on their operating status.

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Nantes-based Stimio wins a contract for 12,500 IoT sensors from SNCF – 12.03

The 5-year contract between Stimio and SNCF is part of a large-scale digital transformation program of the French railway company, in which IoT plays a key role. The objective is to improve the quality of service provided to users, improve the availability of rolling stock and generate significant productivity gains. The 12,500 sensors supplied exclusively by Stimio will be used on TER, Intercity, TGV and Freight trains.

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Kaye launches LabWatch® IoT – a cloud-based intelligent monitoring and alarm system – 17.03

Thermal process monitoring specialist Kaye announced March 17 the launch of LabWatch IoT, a cloud-based intelligent monitoring and alarm system. In particular, the solution simplifies the IT infrastructure thanks to the cloud, which guarantees immediate access to data in real time. Labwatch IoT’s artificial intelligence modules are also fully exploited which can predict environmental or sensor temperature failures.

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Smart Health

The start-up TokDoc wants to experiment telemedicine on a large scale – 15.03

The Strasbourg-based startup TokDoc has developed a teleconsultation solution since 2016 that connects patients with a dedicated nurse. The solution was gradually deployed in eight EHPADs, then to the public in the medico-social sector in the Grand-Est region. TokDoc intends to improve its technological and commercial tools, as well as to accelerate its commercial development, in particular thanks to a fundraising of 5 million euros in February 2021.

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Smart City

The challenge of connected farms and data for agriculture – 10.03

Today, the IoT has already entered the farms with more and more equipment. However, the exploitation and processing of data are still underdeveloped. The CCPA group, a specialist in animal nutrition and health, has been looking for a few years to leverage the data from its connected farms to help cooperatives and breeders to use Big Data. CCPA has therefore launched several projects in this direction, including one with Keyrus, which aims at collecting sensor data in order to set up an industrializable model capable of receiving and consolidating heterogeneous data.

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IoT: Bouygues Construction Matériel to equip 20,000 devices with sensors – 09.03

Bouygues Construction has partnered with Objenious, Omniscient and Actility to install “Abeeway” sensors on more than 20,000 pieces of construction equipment in order to have a set of data available to better manage its fleet. Every day, Bouygues Construction has to dispatch thousands of pieces of equipment on time to numerous construction sites in France, and also check that the equipment is in good condition. Thanks to the efficiency gains, Bouygues Construction expects to achieve between 5 and 10% savings each year.

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Seoul to expand real-time green parking space sharing service – 12.03

In Seoul, green parking lots were introduced in 2004 as part of efforts to solve parking problems in residential areas by encouraging individuals to convert their property or part of it into a parking space. Seoul recently announced that it will expand the service by placing IoT sensors on each parking space to show real-time availability to app users. Individuals will be able to benefit from the use of the onboard camera to improve the security of their home.

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