Fibocom and Ericsson announce strategic partnership on 5G/IoT 14.07 – China

Fibocom, the global provider of IoT solutions and wireless communication modules, announced on July 14, 2020 that it has signed a 5G/IoT strategic partnership agreement with Ericsson. This cooperation will be an opportunity to propel both players in areas such as end-to-end wireless solution, 5G private network and Industry 4.0.


McConnell Dowell chooses Orange Business Services to provide intelligent IoT solution for its construction sites 09.07 – United Kingdom

Infrastructure construction leader McConnell Dowell and Orange Business Service are teaming up to design an IoT platform for real-time data collection, analysis and visualization. McConnell Dowell’s goal is to optimize operational efficiency and better manage resources on the job site through agile and informed decision making.

Condat brings IoT to tunnel boring machines thanks to Delaware and Sigfox 30.06 – France

With the support of technology solutions integrator Delaware, Condat and Sigfox are launching CondatLink, a solution that helps tunnel boring machines track the consumption level of sealant on construction sites. How do you do it? Sensors installed on the barrels allow to follow the evolution of the stocks and to transmit these data in real time to Condat thanks to the 0G network of Sigfox.


LACROIX Group acquires eSoftThings, expert in IoT and artificial intelligence 09.07 – France

LACROIX, an international technology equipment manufacturer, is strengthening its position as a global leader in industrial IoT and artificial intelligence by acquiring the start-up eSoftThings.

Smart Building

With IoT, WeMaintain rides the smart building elevator 09.07 – France

For the past 3 years, the young Parisian start-up WeMaintain has been offering a platform that connects building managers and elevator maintenance technicians. In 2020, it is moving to IoT by connecting its entire fleet of elevators with connected boxes. Several use cases: maintenance is facilitated, floor stops are more precise and sensors ensure that physical distance is respected. These boxes will also allow the company to know the users’ path, to identify the peaks of affluence and to evaluate more easily the budgets to foresee in case of works.

Smart Home

Samsung launches its first air purifiers in France 09.07 – South Korea

Samsung launches for the first time in France a range of domestic air purifiers composed of 3 models. One of these models will be able to connect to Wi-Fi and offer remote control via SmartThings, the Korean brand’s home automation platform.


LoRaWAN: LoRa Alliance and SWAN amplify IoT in water networks 15.07- UK

The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) and the LoRa Alliance have established a new strategic liaison to enable the adoption of LoRa standards in the water sector, particularly for connected water meters. According to LoRa Alliance CEO Donna Moore, this work will strengthen the ecosystem and provide value-added solutions for water utilities as well as the end consumer.