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April 23, 2021


Eurotech, Infineon, Microsoft Azure and GlobalSign partner to offer human-less provisioning “from chip to cloud” for IoT – 13.04

Edge computing and IoT hardware and software solutions specialist GlobalSign announced April 13 that it has partnered with Microsoft Azure, Eurotech and Infineon to simplify secure large-scale connected object deployments. This collaboration helps simplify the integration of identity certificates into cloud-connected device architectures. Launched at Hannover Messe 2021, the solution enables the management of digital identities throughout the entire device lifecycle – from design to retirement.

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Thales’ SAFE IoT solution to provide cloud connectivity for new Internet of Things services in Canada – 15.04

Thales and TELUS are launching IoT SAFE, a service that provides an interoperable framework for instant cloud connectivity and rapid deployment of IoT applications. As part of this collaboration, Thales is providing the SIM cards and IoT server that comply with the GSMA’s IoT SAFE standards. The solution provided in SaaS plug&play mode enables remote data security for devices with SIM cards and direct connection via Thales’ IoT server for cloud providers. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid integration difficulties for mobile operators, compliance issues for device manufacturers and service providers.

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Ioxt alliance takes mobile and IoT security up a notch – 19.04

Formed in March 2019, the Ioxt alliance includes more than 300 members including Amazon, Google and Legrand. Currently, the alliance is working on tests and certifications to help standardize the security of the Internet of Things. To take mobile security a step further, the Ioxt Alliance has announced the expansion of its compliance program for mobile virtual private network applications. This translates into rigorous testing to identify and mitigate potential security risks, and secondly, certification of software and IoT objects (VPNs, smartphones, connected objects) considered secure.

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Polte announces collaboration with Deutsche Telekom to develop massive IoT location technology – 15.04

Polte, the key player in Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, has announced a collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, to conduct large-scale pilot projects with Polte’s location API. With this partnership, DT aims to use Polte’s patented technology to improve cellular positioning accuracy and enhance the asset tracking experience of global users. The project is currently in its commercial validation phase with several IoT players and Deutsche Telekom customers.

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Sustainable development

Samsung Electronics expands its Galaxy Recycling Program to allow consumers to turn Galaxy smartphones into smart home devices – 21.04

Samsung Electronics has announced the expansion of its Galaxy Upcycling program with Galaxy Upcycling at Home, an initiative that gives new life to old Galaxy smartphones by converting them into a variety of devices with a simple software update. On April 21, Samsung rolled out the Galaxy Upcycling at Home beta service in the United States, United Kingdom and Korea. With Galaxy Upcycling at Home, users will be able to easily transform their old Galaxy2 devices into smart home devices, such as a childcare monitor, pet care solution and other tools that meet individual lifestyle needs.

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Sierra Wireless combines cellular connectivity with its AirLink routers to simplify IoT deployment – 21.04

Sierra Wireless announced on April 21 the availability of its Ready-to-Connect feature for its AirLink routers in European markets, allowing customers to easily streamline their business operations and manage and enable connectivity worldwide. The new Ready-to-Connect feature will provide all the key elements needed – a pre-configured embedded SIM card for Sierra Wireless’ Smart Connectivity offering, a centralized cloud platform for device and connectivity management, and simplified operations – in one integrated IoT package.

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Vodafone Idea launches IoT solutions for enterprises- 08.04

Vodafone Idea’s enterprise arm, Vi Business, recently launched integrated IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for businesses. The telecommunications company will offer an end-to-end IoT solution including connectivity, hardware, network, applications, analytics, security and support. This new offer aims to simplify and accelerate the digital transformation process of companies.

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